Link Program

How to Volunteer
  1. Check out current Volunteer Opportunities and learn more about the work of the Organization. You may want to contact them directly if you find what interests you.
  2. If you would like, you can call for an appointment at 250-372-8313.
  3. Fill out an application form either beforehand or at our office. Volunteer Application Form (doc); Volunteer Application Form (pdf). Criminal Record Check*Please note the Criminal Record Check is for VK Office Volunteers & Snow Angels
  4. Based on your interests, we will seek to match you to the volunteer opportunities our members have sent us, or even connect you to an agency that matches how you want to contribute to the community. We provide several referrals that you follow up yourself.

It’s that easy! We also have some organizations’ volunteer application forms and program information on hand for you to get more information about their volunteer position(s).

We acknowledge the support of the Province of British Columbia in funding aspects of this program

Mentorship Program

The Volunteer Mentorship Program is designed to meet the needs of volunteers who want very short-term volunteer opportunities in a supported and supervised way (5 to 30 Hours).

The program is designed for:
  • Ages 14+ and up
  • Students needing to complete their graduation volunteer requirements
  • People new to the area including new immigrants
  • First time volunteers
  • International students from TRU
  • People needing to develop/enhance employability skills
  • Those with disabilities or any other volunteer candidates who might need a trial period to assess suitability before investing a lot into training
How to get started:
  • Book an appointment with the Community Programs Coordinator
  • Complete the Volunteer Application/Police Information Check (PIC) forms, and drop them off at the RCMP
  • Intake Interview: overview of the program, and assessment of your skills and interests to select potential volunteer matches.
  • Once the PIC is received back from the RCMP, then the second appointment is booked to complete the volunteer placement process.

A Volunteer Log Form is available to track hours and activities for educational, employment, or community requirements.


Focus Program



To link or integrate mental health consumers with community organizations in a way that promotes their involvement and enhances community awareness about various mental health issues.
We would like to thank Interior Health for their support in our twelfth year of providing this program.

For Volunteers:

The FOCUS Program assists adults 19 and over who are challenged by mental health concerns to find suitable volunteer placements. Conditions may include depression, anxieties, or any other mental health condition.

In addition, the Therapeutic Volunteer Program is a specialized program for those diagnosed with a mental illness and meeting the admission guidelines of the program. It is a long-term program and has limited intake numbers each year.


Anyone is welcome to make an appointment, either directly or through a professional referral, to find out how the program works and what opportunities are available. Our contact information is in the “About us” tab.


The FOCUS Coordinator has extensive contacts with organizations in the community which offer opportunities for personal growth and development through volunteering. Skills development might include team-building, clerical, computer, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Each volunteer creates an action plan that can include career planning, which involves seeking volunteer opportunities that could build skills and lead into future employment in the community.