Care to Speak Volunteer

Care to Speak is a free, confidential, anonymous peer support line for health care workers in BC.

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Care to Speak Volunteer | Positions Available: 9

Volunteers will remotely assist health care workers in emotional distress. Volunteers must work in long-term care, home care or other areas of health care. Volunteers must have access to and be comfortable operating computer for this role. Volunteers should be empathetic, non-judgmental, open-minded, open to feedback and respect the confidentiality of others. Volunteers should have a willingness and ability to spread promotional materials for Care to Speak throughout their community via posters and social media posts. Training required prior to start. Training is virtual and approx. 30 hours, combination of group and self paced. Application to be completed at https://www.careforcaregivers.c/peer-support-service/