Do you remember what it was like growing up? Having a warm, welcoming home that always felt safe? A backyard to play in? Food in the fridge? At the time, you likely didn’t think about those things. No one could blame you for taking them for granted. Carefree; that’s how growing up should be. But life is not carefree for children of the 1.5 million Canadian families in need of safe, decent and affordable shelter.

Many Canadian families live month to month, making it nearly impossible to get ahead. They’re forced to decide between heat and rent – a choice no family should ever have to make. One in seven Canadian children live in poverty; one of the fastest growing segments of our population.

Habitat for Humanity Kamloops is committed to helping low-income families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. Every Canadian family deserves a safe, decent and affordable place to call home. Habitat for Humanity Kamloops’ goal is to make that dream a reality.