Request Form

Membership Information


  • Link on our website the first point of contact for community volunteers
  • Marketing and promotion of Volunteer Requests
  • Unlimited numbers of requests for volunteers
  • Involvement in cooperative promotional publications and events
  • Reduced cost for educational events
  • 1 vote at Annual and Special General Meetings
  • Eligibility to nominate Board members


Marketing and promotion of Volunteer Requests

Email of new events to our database of Special Event Volunteers


We promote your volunteer needs through a variety of methods, including:

  • On-line listing of volunteer opportunities.
  • Weekly Volunteer Highlights advertising in Print, Radio, TV, Faxing, E-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and many online classifieds.
  • Making referrals to phone-in, walk-in, or emailed-in volunteers based on matching their skills and interests to your request.

Review the Membership Fees to determine your category.You can contact the office to discuss job description(s) requirements and the number of volunteer placement(s) you are seeking. PDF Version

Complete the downloadable Volunteer Request Form for each position or event to be promoted. REMEMBER: it is important to make your volunteer recruitment plans well in advance of your needs. We’ll need at least two weeks to try to properly recruit volunteers for you.  PDF Version

When volunteers are referred to you from our office they will bring you a referral form, so that you are aware they were referred from our office. We will also send a regular report of the volunteers who have been referred to you. For special events, we keep a sign-up list in our office and regularly forward you these contacts. It is important to make some type of contact soon after these names are forwarded to you – even if it’s just to let them know how long it will take you to get back to them!

Membership Rates


Not-For-Profit Group (Budget over $100,000/Year) $96.00/year
Not-For-Profit Group (Budget under $100,000/Year) $60.00/year
For Profit Group (Businesses) $96.00/year
Board Membership $24.00/Year


  1. Memberships are from April 1, 2016 thru March 31 2017
  2. Special Events are required to purchase membership as above.
  3. Payment by Cheque/Cash only.

Membership that is paid in mid-month would be considered   as the entire month.