Escort Driver

Operation Red Nose is a designated driving campaign to combat impaired driving hosted by PacificSport in conjunction with ICBC, CFJC-TV, CFJC Today, 98.3 CIFM, B100 and the RCMP. During the holiday season, Operation Red Nose provides a safe ride home service to motorists who have consumed alcohol or who do not feel fit to drive. The service is provided entirely by volunteers and is an original way of getting home in one's own vehicle without getting behind the wheel. The service is by donation. A person does not have to be drinking to use the service. Operation Red Nose is not a taxi service and is only available to drive people AND their vehicles home.

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Escort Driver | Positions Available: 20

Escort Drivers will escort the Designated Driver & Navigators in his/her own vehicle. Volunteers must be 19+ with a valid Class 5 drivers license and good driving record. Escort Drivers must also have proof of insurance on their vehicle and be fully vaccinated against covid-19.