St. John Ambulance in Canada, or SJAC (French: Ambulance Saint-Jean Canada (ASJC), is a term used to describe a confederation of St John Ambulance Provincial and Territorial Councils under mandate by the "St John Councils Regulations 1975" of the Royal Charter, Statutes and Regulations of the Order of St John (1985). Each Council is governed by a Board of Directors under Provincial or Territorial incorporating legislation together with the St John Ambulance Priory in Canada, incorporated under the federal Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act (2012). The Priory provides support services to the Councils and manages the Order of St. John in Canada. The Councils deliver the mandate of training and community services and are responsible for their own governance, operations and management. The mission of St. John Ambulance in Canada is to enable Canadians to improve their health, safety, and quality of life through training and community service. St John Ambulance in Canada has (collectively) close to 25,000 members in communities across Canada - 5,000 instructors, 12,000 volunteers and over 7,000 members of the Order of St John.