A Way Home Kamloops is a collective of 158 members from all sectors including youth, non-profits, landlords, businesses, students, ministries, and community members. We are implementing Kamloops' Community Plan "A Way Home: A plan to end youth homelessness." This plan has transformed our community towards ending homelessness and provided a model for other communities to adapt to their unique context. A Way Home provides community coordinator to reduce gaps in services & ensure there are no wrong doors for homeless youth. Our community collective ensures every sector and member has a pivotal role to play in ending youth homelessness.

The direct service component of A Way Home is through a centralized housing and supports intake system called the 'Kamloops Youth Housing First Wrapforce'. Where youth undergo an intake and eventually after being presented to the team, will be placed in a safe and suitable housing situation. Working form a housing first lens, A Way Home Kamloops believes that all youth deserve a safe place to sleep and a roof over their head in order to reach their full-potential.