Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program
The Mentorship Program is designed to meet the needs of volunteers who want very short-term volunteer opportunities in a supported and supervised way (5 to 30 Hours).

For Volunteers:
The program is designed for:

  • Ages 14+ and up
  • Kamloops Restorative Justice Program participants who have agreed to do community service as part of their restitution
  • Students needing to complete their graduation volunteer requirements
  • People new to the area including new immigrants
  • First time volunteers
  • International students from TRU
  • People needing to develop/enhance employability skills
  • Those with disabilities or any other volunteer candidates who might need a trial period to assess suitability before investing a lot into training

How to get started:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application/Police Information Check (PIC) forms, and drop them off at the RCMP
  • Intake Interview: overview of the program, and assessment of your skills and interests to select potential volunteer matches.
  • Once the PIC is received back from the RCMP, then the second appointment is booked to complete the volunteer placement process.

A Volunteer Log Form is available to track hours and activities for educational, employment, or community requirements.

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